Hello, I’m Max Nathan. I work at the University of Birmingham and CEP.

I’m a Senior Birmingham Fellow (a Senior Lecturer with a research-intensive role) at Birmingham Business School. I’m also a Deputy Director at the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth. I’m affiliated to IZA, NIESR and the Centre for London.

My research focuses on the economics of cultural diversity, particularly the performance of diverse cities, and links between immigration, diverse communities and innovation. I’m also interested in innovation systems and clusters, especially in the tech industry, and in wider public policy for cities, especially policy design and evaluation.

I co-founded the Centre for Cities think tank in 2004. Between 2007-2010 I worked at the Department of Communities and Local Government as an ESRC-DCLG Policy Adviser, covering issues like localism, regeneration, innovation and economic development.

My main site is here, where you can find my research agenda, publications, CV and so on. You can also find me on Twitter, Medium, ResearchGate, or via email.

I also do some photography. There’s a gallery here, and you can buy pictures at Getty Images.

Note: what’s here represents my views, not those of my employers.