May 3, 2011

 Die Zeit has just published a big feature on London as high-powered, on-trend, chaotic world city. There’s a quote from me, plus a cinematic passage in which the journalist and I wander around Hackney Wick before stopping off for a latte.

Also featured are Boris Johnson, Mark Kleinman from the GLA and a grumpy-sounding Hanif Kureishi. You can read the whole thing here. Or for non-German speakers, there’s Google Translate.


ps more fame: in case you missed it, the Guardian have done a nice writeup of my Munich / Silicon Valley report.

2 Responses to “Londonism”

  1. Hans Says:

    The article in die Zeit is a great read. A lot of stuff about London being one of the capitals of the globalised world and the like. It does not make one keen to move to London as she (the journalist) describes the overloaded public transport/infrastructure. There’s no doubt about it wandering about east London is a cheap way for Germans to view the third world…

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