September 18, 2009

the bay area from space

I’m off to California until the new year. I’ll be based in the Institute of Urban and Regional Development at UC Berkeley, where I’m now one of the (many) Visiting Scholars.

I’ll be working on the second part of my PhD research, doing a couple of projects on cultural diversity, innovation and ideas generation. Berkeley has some of the best researchers in the world [al-s link] in this field. And I hope to be taking a look at high-tech firms in Silicon Valley and the wider Bay Area.

Bloggage will continue as normal. I’ll see some of you in November at the NARSC Conference. If you’re passing through, please look me up and say hello

3 Responses to “Berkeley”

  1. Mat Says:

    Does “passing through” include coming over specifically to stay in your house?

  2. […] me these findings are a great relief, as they provide scientific justification for spending three months in California. (In fact I first read about this in the San Francisco Panorama, the latest from […]

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